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Great on all types of food, poultry, beef, lamb, and seafood products.

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Chipotle Chao Chao Wing Sauce make your wings sweet and savory rather than fiery by serving them with a complex of Latin and Asian Spices, and a bit of Chipotle Peppers. Sweet because of the honey, and no surprise that Carlito’s Chipotle Chao Chao works best when the wings are baked instead of frying. We recommend you bake them first and let them cool off for an hour or so, then pan fry to reheat and toss with Chao Chao. Gift Pack includes: (1) 16oz Chili Pao Pao Seasoning, (1) 16oz Fu Fu Fiesta Seasoning, (1) 16oz Shanghai Samba Seasoning, (1) 16oz Yucatan Zing Seasoning, (1) 16oz Zesty Pao Pao Bloody Mary Mix and (1) 16oz Chipotle Chow Chow Wing Sauce.

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